Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)

Product Description - Enjoy music, movies, TV shows, apps, and more--wherever you are--with the Galaxy Tab 2. The tablet sports a 10.1-inch touchscreen and is powered by Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, which offers a smooth user experience. The Samsung Media Hub app gives you access to thousands of new movies and TV shows and lets you play your purchases on up to five devices at a time. You can also use the Galaxy Tab 2 as a universal remote for your home entertainment devices and stream video, music, and pictures to your DLNA-enabled TV using Samsung's AllShare service. A free one-year 50GB subscription to Dropbox, a web-based file-sharing service, is included.
Experience a variety of fun mobile entertainment in one convenient, interactive tablet PC that only weighs 1.28lbs. It features a large 10.1in touch screen that lets you easily navigate through the web, through its embedded applications, and many more. It even allows you to download games and other multimedia apps from thousands of selections from Google Play using an Android 4.0 platform and save them inside its 16GB expandable flash memory. For smooth interaction and operation, it runs with a Dual-Core 1GHz processor. Other features include Bluetooth capability, 3.0MP back camera, 0.3MP front camera, and a microSD slot. Connectivity: GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS 850, UMTS 900, UMTS 1900, UMTS 2100.
Product Features - Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS 10.1-inch Multitouch 720p HD Screen (1280 x 800) 16GB Internal Memory; microSD expansion up to 32GB Wireless N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n); Bluetooth 3.0,GPS Enabled with Latitude, Google Maps 1GHz Dual-Core Processor; 1GB RAM CUSTOMER REVIEWS: Hi folks. My 2 cents and some. I own an iPad, the Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0 and an HTC Inspire with the SPB 3DShell on both android units so i do have a half way decent perspective on tablets and Androids in general. I did my homework and read all the specs on the Samsung 2 10.1.s I must say that I am disappointed at many of the reviews especially on Youtube. One of the best and most accurate review was from the AndroidAuthority guys. If I had listened to most of the others I probably not purchased this unit. Some of them should be ashamed of themselves for flat out lying. It is a spectacular deal for the money. The SG 2 7.0 with the same specs is not the same tablet with respect to the sharpness and brightness of the screen, performance,and even how some of the software presents. The "lag" between screens swipe with touchwiz as your home screens is probably by design to show "smoothness" as you go from screen to screen. If you have Go launcher or what I have, SPB 3dShell you won't have that slow transition. I installed SPB 3DShell and swiping is instantaneous. And I haven't even rooted my device...yet. I also installed go launcher along with some of their themes and it is as smooth as silk. You can switch between launchers if you wish to compare how they perform and decide which you like best. PS. Go launcher is free and so are most of its themes. I have watched movies on this thing and they are absolutely beautiful. Great detail, color and no lag or stuttering whatsoever. I mean movies like Avatar and Green Lantern! Surfing is joy with smooth pinching, scrolling and no problem with Adobe flash as far as I can tell. By the way just google Adobe Flash player and you can still get it even though adobe says they aren't supporting it going least for now. It feels very good in your hand and I purchased the samsung slim hardcase and it is one handsome machine all dressed up. My apps fly on this thing however if you're a gamer who likes flight sims and anything really graphically intensive you'd probably need a faster processor. Asus, Acer or Toshiba come to mind. This is what Samsung intended it for, entertainment, surfing, business apps and some gaming and ebook reading. They have the Galaxy Note 10.1 with quadcore processor and 2 gigs of ram if you want the Galaxy and gaming experience for $100 bucks more.
I didn't get the above for various "review" reasons, Asus with screen popout problems, Acer with the hotspot problem and Toshiba with the so called light bleed problem. To be honest if I hadn't purchase the Samsung and ignored the lightbleed complaints and I would have bought the Toshiba. I might have prefered the better quality build of the Toshiba with Gorilla Glass and it's sleek design. And to add insult to injury, a company which shall go nameless is sell the Excite 10 for $30 less than the Samsung. Never the less, after looking at the Samsung display and seeing how clear and natural the colors were,along with very good performance, I am very pleased with my Samsung 2 10.1. I can see the better quality in some of the software as it presents along with a better screen than its 7 inch little brother. It aint an Amoled or retina display but if you haven't been using those it won't make much of a difference. The amoled displays can look a bit cartoony at times due to the color saturation but they are beautiful and good for reading. The retina is simply gorgeous. I just like the Android tablet experience better and Samsung does not disappoint. My next will be the new Galaxy Note and I will sell my 7in and my phone and just have the 2 along with the iPad. The iPad too has it's pluses and minuses. But the build quality on it is exceptional and the standard to which every other company compares to. PS.I am no Apple fan, just stating the facts. I use my androids far more that my apple thingy I just wish folks were more truthful with their reviews so that we lowly consumers can make educated decisions when we buy technical items like tablets and phones. I am also a former director of IT for a large medical group and know a little something about how things should perform based on price/performance ratios. In this device you get a little more than what you pay for imo. Why is a dual core processor able to compete with Tegra 3's in common usage like web surfing, switching between apps etc adn even best some of them? Stupid speed tests be hanged. Show real world experience. That's how most of us understand what the heck these techies are saying. And you don't hear of some of the above mentioned problems with the Samsung either. Just lies about lag, dull screen, "pore performance" yada, yada yada. I'm no Samsung loyalist either, but some of the touchwiz experience works for me and probably for most users who either have never experienced Android in its various forms or find vanilla Icecream Sandwich a bit too well...vanilla. Touchwiz provides some bells and whistles and plenty of software right out of the box and you even get an office product "Polaris Office" that actually works well and easy to use.. with tutorial guides to boot! I still educate end users and believe you me, they want simple and stupid until they get the hang of things and then they can fly on their own. Most don't have the time to tinker either. Samsung 2 10.1 gives you the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. And if you don't want a big tab you can always get the Tab 2 7.0. Works like a charm and extremely convenient especially for reading and surfing on the go. The thing weighs practically nothing and you're carrying around power in your briefcase, bag or whatever that use to sit on your desk not 10 years ago. I know this wasn't the most technical review on the set but hey you can get those from well... youtube. Just be careful, there's alot of egos out there waiting to deceive. Get the Tab 2 10.1. I'd recommend it in a heart beat.